Solo-Werks coil-overs are the perfect addition to your every day modified European tuning vehicle. The ride is comfortable enough for street driving use in which vehicles must manuever over and around potholes, over speed bumps, and sometimes away from random objects in the middle of the road. They also good enough for moderate track use. Utilizing a spring over height adjustable perch these coil-overs can be raised or lowered via the spring perch, which will then raise or lower the coil height. This will change preload and ultimately affect rebound and compression. The price of $499 shipped for most models means this setup is a steal! It comes with a 3 year parts warranty and is made and produced using the finest materials, tightest tolerances, and engineered with many years of experience and testing. Coil-overs are available for most Audi, BMW, and VW models Contact us for more information.